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Friday, July 6, 2012

Lady Baby DMX, Good Morning America and Molly

Covering three topics here so settle in. First up, Lady Baby DMX. That’s the tiny person I am growing. We did find out that she’s a lady – I don’t know why anyone would want to be “surprised.” We were totally surprised when the ultrasound tech said, “It’s a girl!” And now I can buy dresses and pink things instead of overdosing on green and yellow.  

You may be wondering about the [nick]name. Well, it’s only from one of the best movies ever, Baby Mama. You can see the clip here:

A lot of stuff at work has been seriously making me go, “GRRRRRRR!” lately and I’m a little concerned that I might be passing the angry on to the baby. Thus, we got Baby DMX and then later, Lady Baby DMX. I think it's kind of catchy. 

Next up: Good Morning America. Ugh! It stinks! Well, what really stinks is the local morning programming. I used to look at people who watch Good Morning America (and quite frankly I still do) and think, “What is wrong with you??? How would you choose stinky CBS’s Good Morning America over the Today Show???” Well. Then the Today Show fired Ann Curry. I LOVE Ann Curry. So - much like when NBC gave Conan the boot, and much like when it came out what super slime Tiger Woods is, I put a ban on the Today Show. Christopher is really quite kind to [for the most part] abide by my Jay Leno and Tiger Woods bans. I thought I might have a little trouble with a Today Show ban, but I think he [in theory] supports the ban.

That fateful Thursday, I got online to figure out what channel CBS was so that I could turn our bedroom TV to Good Morning America in the morning. Then I realized Good Morning America is on ABC. Who knew? Then I figured out what channel ABC was. It’s been rough so far. ABC’s local programming is horrendous. It’s not even news. It’s a “business update” which resembles something a high school communications program would put together to proceed the Pledge of Allegiance each morning. I can barely tolerate it. I almost secretly, and without telling anyone, switched over to NBC this morning. But I didn’t. And I won’t…I don’t think.

Basically NBC has no soul and I hate that they have such fantastic primetime programming and legitimate morning news. I hate it in the same way I hate that Chic-fil-A doesn’t like gay people while at the same time having such fantastic chicken sandwiches and peach milkshakes. (I need to ban Chic-fil-A too. This has been a long-running dilemma for me. Christopher has already told me that he supports my individual ban, but could not participate himself due to the deliciousness. I get it.) Anyway, Ann Curry is awesometown. So what that the Today Show’s ratings dropped a little. I hardly think that was because of Ann Curry. Maybe it was because the Today Show is a little bit turning into Entertainment Tonight in the morning. A lot of people don’t like that.

While keeping a VERY close eye on this last week, I also learned that there have been a ton of rumors (which I somehow missed) that Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales had an affair a while ago…and that one of her kids might be Matt Lauer’s. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Ugh! Seriously? Why?

I unfollowed the Today Show, Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and Natalie Morales on all my social media channels. Take that, Today Show. I still follow Al Roker. I like him a lot and I hope he doesn’t have stupid affairs with coworkers.

And finally, on to a sweeter, fluffier topic! Molly! A coworker of Christopher’s was going out of town and needed someone to watch her doggie, Molly. Christopher came home with her on Monday evening and she is precious! I went to the front door and there was a darling golden retriever sitting at the front door with a stuffed bunny in her mouth. She was so excited to meet new people and was so friendly.

Buster, Tuesday and Leroy were all on the stairs. Tuesday made herself scarce and fast. Buster puffed himself up real big and arched his back…but didn’t move. His eyes were HUGE. His eyes said “What the SHIT did you just DO?!?!?!” while also showing a sign of having just been betrayed on the deepest level. Leroy held his own.

Turns out that bunny you see in Molly’s mouth is actually a security bunny. Like a child has a security blanket, Molly has a security bunny. It’s kind of one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. She runs and gets it every time she leaves the house. She even takes it outside to pee. She squats and pees with a bunny in her mouth. Christopher tried to take her outside without it the other day and she was frantically trying to get to it. Once Christopher let go of her collar, she grabbed the bunny and was ready to go.

She LOVES attention much like Leroy, however, 75 pounds of attention needing is a lot different than five pounds of attention needing. I do super like her though! She does all these cute doggie things like laying her head on your lap when she wants to be pet and putting her paw up on you to remind you that she is there and nobody is scratching her noggin at the moment. Another super fun fact about Molly: she has a fantastic bladder! I love it! We leave the house and come back hours later and there are no puddles on the floor. What a novel idea. If only Leroy knew how easy it could be to stay out of his crate when we leave the house…