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Sunday, September 15, 2013

NYC Marathon and Beer School


Last year our friends Bryan (of Team Timmons) and Mike (of Project 26.21) started this THING. They had been talking about running the NYC Marathon for a little while and they decided 2012 would be the year. I was super excited for them, but also a little bummed. I wanted to go cheer them on, but as timing would have it, Elle was scheduled to make her appearance at just about the same time as the marathon. So we were out. BUT Christopher decided that he was going to train right along with Bryan and Mike. 

Come November, all three guys were in tip-top running shape and ready to run a marathon. And then Sandy hit. And then the marathon was canceled. (And then it wasn't. And then it was. And then it wasn't…until the very last minute – when it was.) 

Anyway, Brian and Mike ran a marathon in Charlotte since, you know, they spent the last 20 weeks working up to it. And Christopher got a baby. And then Christopher started training again almost immediately to run the Wrightsville Beach Marathon, which I never blogged about, but Team Timmons did.

Cutting to the chase, here. Bryan and Mike and Christopher are running the NYC marathon this year! Christopher is running with Team ASPCA (isn't that the most exciting ever?!?!) and is fundraising for that team. To help raise money for Team ASPCA, Foothills Brewery has kindly agreed to host a beer school and donate the money to Team ASPCA for Christopher's marathon! Beer School is this coming Wednesday, September 18th at 6:00 pm and is $20 per person – all $20 goes to Christopher's fundraising for the ASPCA. All you have to do is show up at Foothills on Wednesday with $20 - you can even pay with a credit card. 

{here's a picture from beer school last year when Foothills helped out with Brian and Mike's fundraising}

Please come join us if you are able to make it! Elle will even be there learning how to brew (she was there last year too - this year she's trying it on the outside). (You can also ask Elle how her first week of daycare is going...) After Beer School, we are planning to stick around and have dinner at Foothills if anyone would like to join us. 

Also, if you can't join, but would like to donate a few dollars to the ASPCA and help Christopher to his fundraising goal, you can do that here