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Friday, September 10, 2010

Megan and the Overhead Light Switch

I was on Christopher's computer a little while ago and I saw a picture pop up in his little rotating picture thing - it was of us with Buster at Christmas. Buster's first Christmas - aaaawe! Looking at those pictures reminded me that I wanted to look at our honeymoon pictures. While looking at our honeymoon pictures, I came across some reception pictures. (This is becoming "an old lady who swallowed a fly.")

Anyway - THEN I came across these pictures, which are HILARIOUS. The night before our wedding, I stayed at the hotel with my MOH, Megan. When we came in after the rehearsal dinner, we noticed a seemingly out of place sign on the wall. The following ensued:

(overhead light switch)
(click to see larger)

(wait! where is it???)


(this has to be a joke)

(well, now it's just making me mad)


(there it is!)

(I see, now!)


I'm not sure Megan has even seen these pictures...