It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree

I'm going to be really sad to see this come down tomorrow... It was another great tree this year and I had to do another tree post before the year was over (I missed last year).

(christmas morning)

(we got this ornament in turks & caicos this year. it's made from sea glass found on middle caicos - it's a potcake dog!)

(cute knit kitty from crate & barrel - i love their ornaments!)

(acorn - new last year)

(asparagus from amy & corey - goes great with my broccoli ornament)

(this is one of my faves - we got in at the nbc store last year when we were in nyc)

(this was in my stocking from christopher this year)

(i bought this seahorse this year after christmas)

(we have lots of penguins on the tree)

(christopher buys me the rudolph hallmark ornaments every year)

(christopher collects the grinch and dr. seuss hallmark ornaments)

(my friend sabrina sent me this ornament this year from the central park zoo! it's got a snow leopard on it.)

(on the left - that's right - we have not only one beet ornament, but two - courtesy of amy; on the right - the nyc library lion)

(my grandma made me this ornament several years ago)

(awesome ornament from team linkous this year)

(my aunt sent me this ornament - 'cause she knows how i like the kitties)

(gingerbread boy and girl...and another rudolph ornament)