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Friday, September 10, 2010

Megan and the Overhead Light Switch

I was on Christopher's computer a little while ago and I saw a picture pop up in his little rotating picture thing - it was of us with Buster at Christmas. Buster's first Christmas - aaaawe! Looking at those pictures reminded me that I wanted to look at our honeymoon pictures. While looking at our honeymoon pictures, I came across some reception pictures. (This is becoming "an old lady who swallowed a fly.")

Anyway - THEN I came across these pictures, which are HILARIOUS. The night before our wedding, I stayed at the hotel with my MOH, Megan. When we came in after the rehearsal dinner, we noticed a seemingly out of place sign on the wall. The following ensued:

(overhead light switch)
(click to see larger)

(wait! where is it???)


(this has to be a joke)

(well, now it's just making me mad)


(there it is!)

(I see, now!)


I'm not sure Megan has even seen these pictures...


  1. Haha, I love this! This is so classic. And I love that there's a link for this on Facebook. If only Megan were on the FB...

  2. This, dear children, is precisely why you do not let Ginger talk you into things. It all seems innocent enough and then - BAM! - one day ... years and years later ... you end up looking like reject mime on an otherwise lovely blog.

  3. Oh, come now! This is hilarious! Seriously funny stuff.