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Monday, September 12, 2011

"Peps on the Side," No More

Those of you who have the pleasure to dine with me know that I love, hearts and kisses Jimmy Johns. My jam? The "Big John," aka, #2 - with hot peppers on the side. There are scarcely words to describe the deliciousness of this sandwich.

As indescribably good as the sandwich is, it is not without faults. The "hot peppers ON THE SIDE" is an integral part of the aforementioned deliciousness.

To my sheer horror, a few weeks ago, I went into Jimmy Johns and ordered, "#2, hot peppers on the side," and was informed that they do not offer hot peppers on the side anymore. What? But... Nooooooooooo. It seems they are trying to cut costs by reducing the amount of paper they use to wrap the peppers.

This is why I do not like my peppers to come on the side:

(first I need to open the sandwich...and dig through all that lettuce...)

(to pick out these. who wants to eat stems? yuck! total sandwich ruiner.)

(by the time I am done picking out all the stems, my fingers are covered in mayonnaise)

(and I have this pile of yucky stems)

Jimmy Johns - is anyone out there reading??? Do you see the problem? What can we do? I have considered the following:
  • One of the lovely guys that took my order said that they peppers come "stemless." HA! We could write a letter to the pepper company.
  • You could start charging for the hot peppers on the side! $0.25 or $0.50 would more than cover the cost of a couple sheets of paper.
  • What if I brought my own ziplock bags?
  • What if I started a fundraiser and raised enough money to buy your pepper paper for you? How much paper do you use on peppers?
  • What if I found a sponsor for your pepper paper? "Jimmy Johns pepper paper, sponsored by..." This could be a winner! Again, how much paper do you use on peppers?

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  1. Ginger I think you should send a note to corporate.