It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

And It's Decorated!

Did you really think I would go the night and not show you the final product??? Silly readers!

Here it is! I am in love!


(The "Twelve Days of Christmas" ornaments from Crate & Barrel that I have wanted for YEARS, and finally got them ON SALE after Christmas last year! "Partridge in a Pear Tree" (with a pretty snowman))

(Nine Dancing Ladies)
(there are ten more...just trust me on this one. We don't have all night.)

(Christopher collects all the Hallmark Grinch ornaments)

(The Grinch and Max!)

(my friend Charity made this for me three or four years ago. It's paper, and I can't believe I have kept it together for all these years!)

(chubby penguins! There are six!)

(Christopher gets me the Hallmark Rudolf ornaments every year! Rudolf's nose glows on this one!!!)

(the Land of Misfits)

(I think you can all tell who this ornament belongs, of course! Ha! Right. Not a chance. It does play the Sports Center (I think) theme song.)

(My Starbucks reindeer, and a glass teddy bear (with a little bit of another glowing nose Rudolf ornament, and also a little bit of a pewter NC State series of ornaments that Christopher gets each year. This year was Harrelson Hall, so I voted it be immediately kicked off the tree; I hated that building. Christopher vetoed my vote because that's were he "made A's in all his classes." Show off. It just so happens that's where I took MA107 FOUR TIMES. Seriously, yo - FOUR TIMES.))

(everyone needs a pickle! Do we all know the story of the Christmas pickle???)

(Christopher also used to collect the Dr. Seuss ornaments...but then Hallmark discontinued them.)

(Reese's Cups for Christopher)

(somewhere I have an entire Tupperware container full of these awesome S'more ornaments, but they are not where all the other ornaments were... Blast! I do have this one though!)

(Our "First Christmas" ornament..that we didn't get until after Christmas last year. We're also not crazy about the term "X-mas," but there aren't a ton of First Christmas ornament options out there, and we figured it was just a space limitation issue. I just put the picture in it tonight.)

(a flamingo from our honeymoon in Turks & Caicos)

(a beautiful Stone Lotus Pottery ornament)

(and another SLP ornament - there are new designs this year! I have some, but they haven't made it to the tree yet!)

(and finally a slice of pizza for ME!)

And there you have it - more than you ever needed to know about our Christmas tree!


  1. We have those same pewter NC State ornaments - every single one since 1996!! We had to start a whole NC State tree to accommodate all of the Wolfpack Christmas decor. It's awesomely tacky, complete with red lights, red & white "tinsel" (a plastic pompom taken apart!) and Mr. Wuf on top.

  2. Your blog hates me! Again I left a very insightful comment, but no, I get an error message. I will shorten it in case I get blocked again: love the tree, why no tree topper?

  3. Good question. I like bows. My bows are MIA. I did find a "HoHoHo" hangy thing that I have since placed at the top of the tree. It's okay.

  4. Pretty, Ginger....hey....did I give you that pickle?

  5. No...I don't think so. It's possible you may have bought it for me, but I remember picking it up at World Market.