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Monday, January 2, 2012

Turks & Caicos

This post is long overdue. Christopher and I went to Turks and Caicos for our anniversary this past October/November. It was an awesome trip when we went for our honeymoon three years ago and it was an awesome trip again! We're hoping not to wait another three years before we go again.

We actually didn't take near enough pictures this time. When I went through the pictures on our camera, there wasn't one of a lizard. I bet I took 100 lizard pictures last time. Luckily Christopher got a few good lizard pics on his iPad.

(view from our hotel balcony - the trees were full of these...)

(pretty birds!)

(this is a frog statue that was outside our building - someone had placed all these red nuts/berries in the frogs arms - it was really cute)

(we went to one of our favorite restaurants, coco bistro, on our anniversary)

(new animal for this trip - snails! aren't they cute!)

(also new on this trip - a frog!)

(this trip, we took a ferry over to middle caicos)

(this was "flamingo pond," where you can see flamingos by the hundreds...does anyone see a problem with this picture??? we never saw one the whole trip.)

(middle caicos - beautiful. you can't tell it from this picture, but there's a naked lady over on those rocks. actually, i take that back - she had a top on but no botoms.)

(more middle caicos)

This was a good deal of our trip to Middle Caicos and back. We actually docked at North Caicos and then drove to Middle Caicos. After we drove for what seemed like forever, we ran out of legitimate road. And then the road picked up again. And then it went away. And then it came back. And then it went away. I think you see where I am going with this.

(the aforementioned no road, road, no road...)

(this is actually the "big, new causeway." right.)

Oh! And, haha, let's not forget this! When we docked in North Caicos, our hotel had arranged for us to have a rental car waiting. There was a beautiful black Range Rover there. I knew it wasn't ours, but I told Christopher I was pretty sure that was our car and that I couldn't wait to drive it. Then I saw this car and said, "Oh, no...that better not be our car..." It totally was.

(a nissan sunny!)

(this is a huge, half-completed resort that was abandoned. guess they ran out of money. kind of sad. a lot of middle caicos was like a ghost town.)

We were pretty hungry when we got back to Provo (there was no safe-looking food on Middle Caicos), so we found this neat restaurant called Somewere. It's was a Tex-Mex kind of place. We had the best seat in the house. Their menu...a huge chalk board that they just sit up against your table. It was pretty cool.

(i want to make one of these. this one was $275, but i feel certain i can make one for a fraction of the cost. it's a toucan plant holder made out of an old tire!)

Last but not least - pretty macaws:

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