It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Letter Tuesdays

One of my New Year's resolutions is always to write more letters. Not email. Letters. Ink on paper, paper in envelope, stamp on envelope – to the USPS! I love getting mail. Again – real mail, not email. Don't get me wrong, I love a good email – especially one with a great story in it – but there is nothing like walking down the driveway, opening the mailbox and finding a pretty envelope with my name handwritten on the front. I love it! It is so exciting. My mom and my friend Megan are the only people who will occasionally just send me a card or note for no reason. I'm just as guilty; I rarely send anyone else a letter for no reason. I will send my grandmother something occasionally, but I don't do that enough. 

The art of the handwritten letter is all but lost. Texting is killing decent communication. The US Postal Service is tanking and keeps toying with this idea (as well as my emotions) of discontinuing Saturday delivery (hate). This madness has to stop. 

I have decided to implement "Letter Tuesdays." I am going to write a "letter" to someone every Tuesday. I'm using the term "letter" rather loosely because it might be a note card with a couple sentences – after all, I have a kid, a messy house, a blind chihuahua, two needy cats, and no clean underwear. This might not be thought-provoking prose, but there will be an envelope dropped in the mailbox every Wednesday. Yes, there are a million other things I could, and maybe should, be doing (aforementioned laundry and messy house) but on Tuesdays, this is going to happen. 

To whom will I write all these letters, you may ask? Well, I will certainly step up my game with my grandmother. And I'm sure I will send my parents some letters. Who else wants a letter? Seriously…do you get what I am asking? I'm asking you if you want me to send you a letter. Do you want to walk down to your mailbox after a shitty day at work and find a bright yellow envelope, open it up and see a cute ladybug on a daisy with a kitten sitting under it (or some such eight-pack-of-blank-card illustration) – inside, a handwritten note from me? I will add you to my list - just say the word! 


  1. you know i am in. let's start a freakin' revolution!

  2. I want letters! Plural. Written just to me, and I will treasure them, as I do my mother's, grandmother's, Aunt Ann's, and penpal's letters. Writing is a good way to vent, to show you care, and it's plain fun. Don't forget me. Mom

  3. Me too! Pick me! I would like to write more letters, too. I even said I would at one point, but I didn't maintain the habit. Maybe you will encourage me to try again!