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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Herd can speak fluent Russian

It was brought to my attention that rather than blogging about high shipping charges and hot peppers, perhaps I should be blogging about The Purple Herd’s Mighty Comeback. So noted, BT.

Christopher plays softball for the Purple Herd. I don’t go to many of his games anymore. I feel a little bad about it because I used to go to all of them in Raleigh. But let me tell you how my first game in Winston went down:

Ginger: Daaaamn, Christopher, this is straight-up in the ghetto. Should I be packing?

Christopher: Ginger. Stop. You’re being ridiculous – it’s fine.

Ginger: No, seriously – this is the ghetto…

Christopher: It’s not bad! This is the nice park!

Ginger: mmm-hmmm

There I am…the only one there…sitting on the bleachers all by the dark. Until! I hear a rustling coming from the woods behind me. I turn. There is a homeless man in a trench coat emerging from the woods. Lovely.

Dude watched the game with me. The whole game. It was uncomfortable. He talked the whole time…not to me, but he talked.

Ginger: Hey – did you see that homeless man watch the whole game with me? That was awesome. He talked the whole time.

Christopher: Yeeeeeeeah.

Ginger: He came out of the woods, you know.

Christopher: Yeeeeeeeah.

And after further investigation, Christopher was right – that WAS the nice park. The others = worse.

Anyway, enough of my excuses. The Purple Herd basically rocks. They dominate. However…the previous two weeks’ games didn’t go so well. They lost an unheard – eeer – unherd of two games in a row. They needed a little support. Herd Management outlawed the normal Herd jerseys, as well as the color purple (the actual color, not the movie). Players were instructed to wear ridiculous, non-purple shirts and to rally before the game at Foothills.

I received an invite to Foothills and figured I could brave the field, and the people from the woods, to watch a game. I even bought Christopher an “I *heart* Mexican futbol” t-shirt to wear for the game.

(what is that little ball of fluff by Christopher’s knee?)

(aaaah – that’s it – it’s Bust-man)

Other notable shirts were BT’s shirt which words cannot do justice, one that read “I *heart* hot moms,” a Lionel Richie Fan Club T, and baseball shirt that read “masterbatter” with two baseball bats under it.

(I found this pic on BT’s facebook page…this is the shirt.)

The shirts worked! The Herd won! You can read all the details here (highly recommended - Herd Management has a way with words). There were some pretty good plays in the game, and Christopher made this crazy dirty…I mean good, slide into home. Unfortunately, he was out, but there were two? three? runs ahead of him that made it in! The slide was impressive. I’m glad I caught it in-between all my texts to Megan telling her about the bathroom. The bathroom at this park is probably a whole other blog post, but basically, it’s the type of place horror movies are made of. Think Candyman. The bathroom also started with:

Ginger: Uhmmm…I’m not going in there…

Christopher: Ginger. Stop. It’s not that bad.

It was that bad. Totally that bad. There was a bug that watched me the entire time. But it was worth it see the Herd make their comeback.


  1. Ahh, all is right with the world after some cross-blog promotion. And you definitely deserve some sort of most-dedicated spectator award, for your support of the Mighty Herd...

  2. Herd Management as well as Herd Administration endorses this blog fully. I would like to personally thank you for your continued support of Herd Athletics. I wont, but I would like to.

  3. Atleast the homeless man wasn't watching you in the bathroom.


  4. Ha! Thanks for your almost appreciation, Herd Management! ;-)

    So true, Shannon, so true...

  5. Ok, that shirt is hilarious. I love it!