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Monday, June 7, 2010

Kitten Season

I’ve been checking the Forsyth County Animal Control website a bit more frequently now since my friend Jim lost his cat, Buddy. I’ve been hoping I would come across him in the “found” animals. Today when I got on the website, I also looked at the animals that are up for adoption.

FYI – the shelter animals are ALWAYS just a click away through the “Forsyth County Animal Control Adoption Photos” link in the right column on my blog.

These are just a few of the super adorable animals up for adoption at the shelter. I would adopt every single one of them (and then some) if I could. It's "kitten season" now, and there are a TON of kittens that need homes. It makes me so sad to think of what will happen to them if nobody adopts them. Do any of you want a kitten? (Are you sure? I will go to the shelter with you and help you pick one. I will bring it to your house in my car just incase it pees on the way. I will even buy it a bag of cat food and a toy. Just say the word!)

(I'm always partial to the orange kitties. This one looks like he has personality!)

(Another orange cutie. What a fluff ball!)

These next three...possibly four (I can't tell for sure if that fourth one is one of the sisters, but I think she is!) have got the most pitiful looks on their faces. I want to take them ALL.

This one is here to pull on the heart strings of Keith. He loves a black cat, and this one looks like his cat, Oscar, when he was a kitten (Oscar is a sweet cat!). Not enough people adopt black cats. The Wake County SPCA has "black cat sales" every once in a while to get people interested in them. Don't you want to love a black cat?

And we don't want to leave out the puppies just because it's kitten season! These two pups are hound mixes and completely adorable.


(and ~heart~)

If this dog doesn't have character, who does?


  1. Way to break a girl's heart over here. I get so sad thinking about all the animals that need homes because people are either a) irresponsible and give them up at a moment's notice when the precious balance of their life might be disturbed or b) irresponsible and refuse to have them spayed or neutered to keep the populations under control in the first place. I say "irresponsible" because it's considerably nicer than what I would like to say! I want them all to have homes, but I want them to be responsible homes. I know some animals that seem better than some people, yet they get left without a second thought. Animals are part of God's creation, too!

    Stepping down off the soap apologies.

  2. Ginger, through all of growing up I had 3 cats and 1 dog. By my calculations, you have space for 2 more cats and 1 dog. However, if the animal control/shelter people hear about the black snake "incident" they may put you on a "no adopt" list....therefore, you better hurry before word gets around :)

  3. Thank you Jeanette! I second everything you said!

    Jennifer - I agree. Please discuss this with Christopher. In fact, by my calculations, I think we have room for about four more cats and two dogs! Additionally, I think by your math, you guys might have room for a couple more cats as well, no? I'm serious about my offer - I'll go with, drive them home, and buy the first bag of cat food + toy...PER CAT!

  4. You need a SHARE THIS button. So awesome.

  5. Money for more cats is not the issue. Having a hunting dog is. It has taken a year to get him to stop looking at Ally like she is a cheeseburger. I don't think I have it in me to train him on another one. Nevermind that Ally is 10 and we have promised her no more pets...she has been through 1 sick cat, 1 crazy cat and now a hunting dog. We have assured her that there will be no further disruptions to her golden years :)