It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Anybody Know Of A Good Exterminator?

This cannot stay here.

I can't stop itching.
It might eat me in my sleep.
Get rid of it now.


  1. Whack him like you did your snake.....or just enjoy nature and take a photo of her beautiful web.

  2. whoops....mistake here....Whack HER as you did your snake...

  3. 'lil Ginger! It's just a beautiful spider doing her thing! I absolutely love spiders, find them fascinating, how they weave their intricate webs,stalk their prey,very slowly go in for the kill...

  4. Update: Christopher made it even worse when he knocked it out of the web. What's worse than a big-ass spider in your flowers that wants to eat you? A big-ass spider that you can't see lurking, but know is there...waiting to eat you!!! I'll just be chillin' away from those flowers for a while. (What do you think that thing's lifespan is?)