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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Did It! Woohoo!

Holy crap! I did it! I went back to the animal shelter! Woohoo! I went to work that morning with a change of clothes and a plan. It was pretty much touch and go all day, but at 5:00, I walked down the hall, stood between Jaclyn and Lindsey's offices, with my bag in hand, and said "should I go?" They said to give it another try, and that's about all I needed.

My plan? Well - it was a bit of a stalker's plan.

The first time I went, orientation started at 6:00, but I got there a little before 5:30. I was chatting on the phone with a friend, and I saw a woman pull up, park and walk into the building. She was wearing a volunteer shirt. During the orientation when the girl was taking us around, I saw the volunteer again, and she looked like she totally knew what she was doing. Fast forward a week, after I decide I can't stay there any longer and leave, I see the same woman pull up, park and go in the building.

Hmmm....perhaps she comes every week at the same time? So she was my plan - go to the shelter, hope she is there, introduce myself and see if I can follow her around and learn a few things.

Halfway to the shelter, after work, as I was pumping gas in the ghetto, it dawned on me - what if she's NOT there. Geesh. Would I stay? Possible, but not probable.

I get to the stoplight just before the shelter, and I start to get a little nervous...I turn...I turn once more into the shelter...pulling up the driveway...saying a little prayer...and I see her car! Phew! Victory!

When I saw her that first week, she was in with the cats - which just so happens to be my fave section, so I went straight there. volunteer. I filled some water bowls, swept up some spilled food and said hello to each kitty.

I started walking through the back...wait! What's that?!?! There she is! YAY! I was really hoping she would be nice. I walked in and introduced myself and told her I had been been there two weeks ago and felt like I wasn't really sure what to do. I asked her if she would mind if I walked around with her for the afternoon. She was SO nice! She was very friendly and happy to show me around. She explained things very thoroughly and I felt immediately more comfortable. She even showed me how to handle the big, scary dogs. (By the way - the leash/collar hook conundrum? You use the leash like a choke chain...I guess the collar is just a little extra something to hold on to?)

Also worth noting:
  1. One of the previously deemed unfriendly front desk ladies was actually quite friendly. As we were leaving she said "Thanks so much for coming in and taking care of our little animals. We really appreciate it."
  2. Next week - shorter pants - hair in pony tail. I wore pants that touched the floor...and the pee...and the dirty floor water...and probably even the liquid poo I tried to step over. The ponytail? I took a puppy out so a little girl and her mom could visit with her. I passed her to the little girl, and the puppy's nails got caught in my hair. No problem - my hair gets caught in everything. But, wait...what's that I see in the puppy's little claws? Damnit. It's poop. Gross.
  3. Even after you leave the building, the smell stays in your nose.
I got home and wouldn't even wear my pee-soaked pants into the house. I stood in the garage and took my pants off. The garage door was open. I didn't care. If you drove past my house earlier in the week and thought "huh - was that Ginger with her pants off?" It was. Usually Christopher is quick to point out "The window's open! Put pants on!" (when I am standing in a room, during the day, with a window facing nothing but trees). Oddly, stripping in the garage with cars driving past garners no comment. Go figure.

I have lots more to share about the animals, but I'll save the cute little animals for another post. One in which I can properly make you feel bad and want to adopt one...or a mama cat and her five cutesy, little, six, whichever. (Seriously - a whole family - they are adorable, I LOVE them!)


  1. I AM CRYING LAUGHING! Hilarious post and I am very proud of you for going back! You MUST update after every visit...and then we shall publish a book. Poo. Claws. Hair.

    We'll work on the title.

  2. YAY! Glad you went back! Love your posts!

  3. yay ginger! great plan and i'm glad it worked out.

  4. Yay! And yay for the nicer lady that showed you around!

  5. Good post Ginger. I always knew you should be working with animals.....didn't I used to say that?