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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Welcome, Leroy!

(10 years old, 4.4 pounds, no teeth)

When I was volunteering at the shelter a few weeks ago, I met Leroy. He was a teensy little ball of scared. One of the ladies at the shelter told me that his owner had passed away and they actually found Leroy curled up with the deceased owner. It broke my heart and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. The next day, and every day after, I checked the adoption photos hoping Leroy would be up for adoption, but I didn’t have much hope. One of the ladies at the shelter said she wasn’t too hopeful that he would test heartworm negative.

Additionally, who would take a 10-year-old Chihuahua?

I couldn't stand the thought of him being put to sleep after loosing his person.

The following Saturday evening I checked the photos once again and he was actually listed! I was so excited. I took my computer over to Christopher and told him that if he was still there the next week, I wanted him. Surprisingly, Christopher said okay.

The following Thursday, after work, we went down to the shelter to visit him. He was nervous and shaky on his feet but he seemed friendly. We turned in our application that evening. Friday I went back to the shelter to prove that Buster Cat Nixon had his rabies vaccine and then learned that Leroy would have to have some serious dental work including some extractions.

Of course he would. You know how we feel about those animals with no teef. Apparently we have an affinity for them.

Two Sundays ago we picked Leroy up from the vet…all his teeth had to be extracted. We gave him a bath as soon as we got home. He smelled like a foot, and need I remind you – he was chillaxing on a dead person.

I was pretty worried at first because his back legs seemed to be seriously busted; he didn’t like to step on them and when he sat, he sat on his butt and his legs just stuck up under his belly. A day after picking him up from the shelter vet, we took him to our vet and she said he had a ligament that was slipping in and out in his hind legs. She said it may get better with some glucosamine and exercise.

Ten days later, with some glucosamine in peanut butter, Leroy is trotting around the house just fine – even hopping up steps! That’s right, I said hopping – not the sad little heave-ho he had to do when we first brought him home.

Last night when I got home from the shelter, he hopped out of his bed and came walking over to me with his tail going a mile a minute. Later that evening I got my first little nose kiss. It was small but I think he totally meant it. I got a few more today after work.

We're super fond of this little guy and I am so glad we brought him home. Buster is even okay with him. I totally expect to find them snuggled up together one day…maybe.

Oh yeah...and did I mention he lets me dress him up? In all's COLD outside...and he's so little with not much fur... Those who know say Chihuahuas need clothes in the cold weather. Who am I to say otherwise?

(that's right - it's a hoodie)


  1. I LOVE this....I can't wait to meet him....maybe Sunday be4 we go to Keith's????

    xoox mom

    He really does need the hoodie - check out the article above....

  3. Looking forward to meeting the little guy. I'm not typically one to support clothes for dogs, but I'm a sucker for a hoodie. And it has been pretty cold this winter...

  4. We have to come and meet him. No Cooper though, he's crazy and doesn't have any manners and doesn't know how to treat his elders. I LOVE the hoodie.

  5. This post totally made me cry. Thank you for taking care of this little guy.