It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is Lovebug. She has been at the shelter for almost two months (a pretty long time for the shelter...). Nobody seems to want her and it completely breaks my heart because she really is one of the three biggest love bugs I have come across there; I remember them all - Blowpop, Socks, Lovebug.

Every week when I come in she meows, walks right over to the door and waits for me to open her cage. When I do, it's all snuggles, head-butts and purrs. If she were declawed, she would be kitty number two for us. She's about three years old and would make a wonderful little friend, if anyone wants a four-legged addition to their family! Does anyone know anyone that might want Lovebug?

This little Julian. Another precious heart-breaker. I'm not as worried about him though. I'm sure someone will snatch him right up...maybe one of you? He smelled a little funk-tastic, but nothing some soap and water wouldn't fix in an instant. I opened his cage and he hopped right out on me. He snuggled right up under my chin and started kneading my shoulder. I looked down and...he was actually trying to nurse on the wrinkles in my shirt! It was so cute and so, so sad - all at the same time. By the time I put him down, I had little wet spots all over my shoulder and sleeve where he had been sucking my shirt.

And Toby. Toby is in with the small dogs. He's about four months old and he's a Beagle/Dachshund mix. I imagine he will grow a bit more, but I think he will stay pretty small (surely). He also stole my heart this evening. He was very quiet in his kennel. Very still and calm. Most of the dogs are quite rambunctious in that room, but he just sat there while I opened his door and cleaned his cage. I could see him tremble for just a second before I started petting him, but once I started petting him, he was full of kisses and mini tail-wags. And even though he was a little scared of his new surroundings, he didn't leak pee. I like that in a dog!

(this picture doesn't do him justice at all)


  1. This needs to go in the Winston-Salem Journal and you need to have your own column......."Diary of a Animal Shelter Volunteer." You WILL get them adopted this way.....xoxoxoxo mom

  2. UPDATE! Toby was totally adopted by the nicest family! They are going to love him!

    Also- I'm fairly certain Julian was adopted as well! Woot, woot!

    Still time for someone to go get Lovebug...