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Monday, February 28, 2011

Are You Reading This, Chuck Lorre?

Christopher and I record Two and a Half Men but quite frankly, Charlie Sheen is getting ready to join the "Not Allowed On Any of My TVs" Club, along with Tiger Woods and Jay Leno. I's pretty hard to get into that club - I watch those real housewives shows, I listen to Kendra Wilkinson snort like an a hyena (if hyenas snorted) and I try to keep up with the Kardashians.

Charlie Sheen has gone way overboard. Have you seen this stuff on the Today show? He's raised his price to $3M per episode!? And CBS should apologize while licking he feet!? He's "tired of people thinking he's not special!" And he's got TWO live-in girlfriends??? Who the crap does he think he is? Hugh effing Hefner? (Speaking of Mr. Hefner and trashy shows, that's another one to add to the list; I thought I might cry when The Girls Next Door split up and went off the air.)

I like Two and a Half Men, but Charlie Sheen doesn't carry it. I think the other actors carry it. Alan - love. Jake - love. Evelyn - love. Berta and Rose - double love and double love! One and a Half Men, a Crazy Neighbor and a Sassy Housekeeper? Yup - I'd watch.

So listen, Chuck Lorre, this is what I would do: bring Charlie Sheen back. Pay him his $3M per episode. THEN your writing gets creative - Charlie finally gets swindled by a woman (who actually turns out to be a man at the end of the episode) and loses all of his money. His house goes into foreclosure. Alan wins the lottery and takes Charlie in. After all, Charlie is now living on the street. Role reversal! Series finale? Charlie gets caught robbing a liquor store, goes to prison and becomes someone's bitch.

Too spiteful? I think it could work. I think people would watch. I know I would watch.


  1. i never loved that show, but you have me with your finale!!

  2. I thought I was alone in my sadness at the end of The Girls Next Door. I'm not the biggest 2 1/2 men fan, but it was only bcs I didn't like Charlie's character. I think you have a winner episode!