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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mouse In the House!

Lucky Christopher had President's Day off...I decided to take the day off as well so that we could clean out the garage. As we were organizing, I picked up my old roller blades and noticed a weird color pattern in the bottom. They are old so I thought maybe it was just the material wearing away in places...but then the colors moved. I tilted the rollerblade towards me and I was greeted with a pile of cat food!

For a brief second I thought that perhaps while the rollerblades were at my parents' house, my parents spilled some cat food and it fell in the rollerblades and they never noticed. Then I quickly came to the conclusion that this was a prank my mother pulled on me. She's sneaky like that. But then...I started thinking a little more. There was a bag of cat food in the garage. I went to pick up the cat food and the bag was almost empty!

Somewhere in our garage there is a cutsie little mouse. A resourceful mouse that, every night, has been taking little armfuls of food from the cat food bag (which was supposed to go to the shelter) and carrying it over to store in the rollerblades.

We looked for the mouse but couldn't find him. We threw the food away that was in the rollerblades, but I left the food in the bag out in the garage until I can find a nice little trap to trap the mouse and then let him go out in the woods. Anyone know where I can get one of those? It's not really practical to let a mouse live in our garage forever.


  1. So I'm not sure how smart mice are but wouldn't said mouse just find it's way back to your house if you drop it off in the woods? Oh, and Corey says to just send Buster Cat Nixon out there to find the mouse! Both should have fun with that!

  2. since your cat is "toofless" i don't know how much good he would be to you against the mouse. i got a humane trap at lowes hardware. the poor little mouse was so scared in there. i took him over to the neighbors house and let him out. you know, give unto others!

  3. I figure that I will take the little mouse, with the remaining cat food, out into the woods. Once there he will hopefully find a little girlfriend mouse and be happy.

  4. We had some mice come in from the woods when we lived on a few acres in Michigan. I never saw any but a) Ken picked up what the thought was a gray toy mousey and it was a dead mouse (hilarious) and b) one of the cats (Molly) had diarrhea and worms. That's common from killing and eating mice. So keep an eye on kitty poo to make sure there are no loose stools.

    Yes, I just wrote that.

  5. Oh man! Okay, the trip to Lowes just got moved to the top of my list. Thanks, Laurie! (And hilarious about Ken!)