It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Doggie Paddle

Earlier this past week I was looking at Leroy and thinking how sad it is that he doesn't get more exercise. During the day when we are at work, he is in his crate. While we are sleeping, he is in his crate. If we are doing stuff around the house, he is on the couch sleeping. If we are on the couch watching TV, he is on the couch sleeping. He really enjoys being outside when it's nice out, but our yard isn't fenced in and he won't walk on a leash so he mostly just walks around the yard for a few minutes once or twice a day when we can walk around with him.

Leroy loves laying in the grass, but it's getting pretty hot outside - I don't want to let him sit out there too long and bake.

When we got Leroy, I was really curious about his past life - I tried to find out more about his owner, but I wasn't that successful. I did know his address...and google maps showed that he had a pool in the back yard! Maybe Leory likes to swim???

Well, he didn't hate it, but I'm not sure he loved it. When Christopher put him in, he acted like he was going to swim; his little legs just started moving! But of course the water wasn't deep enough to actually try swimming.

I guess that settles it - we are going to have to get an in-ground pool and see if he likes that any better. Christopher....?


  1. what cute boys!! that tongue tells me he liked it. he liked it!!!

  2. I think that's a completely reasonable way to get a pool. I tried to get a new fridge because my old one had something spilled inside. Didn't fly with the hubs.

  3. I love this story....atta boy, Leroy.......

    jump on Christopher's lap and lick his ears and whisper, "pool."

    Give it another shot, Ginger. Put Leroy on the grass and see if he goes in by himself. I gotta see this.......these are great photos.