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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rooster? Cow? ...Chihuahua???

The first week we had Leroy, he slept in his crate with no complaints...then he started to love us. Aaawe. Once he became attached he did not want to be crated at night.

After Leroy had been with us about a week, I came home from work one night to a tail-wagging pup. I was thrilled! That night, we heard terrible, unnatural noises coming from where our tiny little dog should be.

We thought we should ignore it...that did. not. work. Christopher and I were up all night. Finally around 4:00am or so, Christopher jumped out of bed, yelled, "NO!" at him and he was silent. Honestly, I was beside myself worried that the reason he was silent was because Christopher had, literally, scared him to death. Luckily that was not the case.

Night two, I got my phone out. After I got a little snippet of a recording, I firmly told Leroy, "NO!" He was silent. He is such a good dog!

Anyway - I just came across the recording. Here it is:

(there's no video; just sound. and it doesn't really start until :17 and it doesn't really get crazy until :35)


  1. Cow. Definitely cow. Small cow, but cow nonetheless. (And oh my, that's hilariously bizarre!)

  2. Hahahahaaaa

    This is a knee slapper. Sounds like a rooster in a hen house at 6:00AM. Poor dog. He was in a new house, missing his owner.....this will make me love him more when I Leroy sit.

    I love Leroy.