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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shelter Update

It's been a while since I blogged about the shelter, and tonight I decided that I needed to change that! Incase you haven't noticed, the shelter pictures have taken a serious turn for the better! Check them out! In fact, they are so nice, that I'm not even sure I should be snagging them and putting them on my blog. A group called "Project Pearl" is going in and volunteering their time to take pictures. Nice pictures. Not dogs in shrubbery. Surely they won't mind if I use their pictures if I credit them, right? I'll try it and see what happens.

Take a look at this cat. She is a Himalayan named Nadira. Normally I don't pay too much attention to these fancy breeds because I don't worry too much that they won't get adopted. Everyone wants a fancy cat. But Nadira has been there a little while. When I opened her cage today, I was greeted by a sweet kitty hug. She climbed right out of the cage and on to my shoulder and just snuggled me. She is such a sweetheart. I was so impressed with her, I could hardly put her back in her cage. Can you believe she was a stray found in a field?!?!

{photo credit: project pearl}

This is the dog that is really just pulling at my heartstrings. Chico is amazing. Absolutely amazing. When I open his cage he does the same thing the kitty did. He hops gently in my arms and just wants to be held. He didn't even try to get down - he was content to just be held and talked to. Rumor has it that he plays fetch - how neat! He is so sweet and friendly. He reminds me of my little Leroy (only not elderly - Chico is only about a year old). I think this little guy would make a fantastic pet. He's been there for a while. People just don't realize what they are missing.

{photo credit: project pearl}

This is Lori. I have nothing about her. I'm not even sure if I saw her there tonight. I mostly just wanted to comment on what a silly name "Lori" is for a dog. She is absolutely beautiful though.

{photo credit: project pearl}

Hutch doesn't have a pretty picture yet, but I wanted to tell you about him. I absolutely love when I see a big dog who looks like he could chase you out of a junkyard and then you open his kennel door and he is all friendly tail wags and kisses. This is hutch. He's got a massive square head and a mouth like a boxer that looks like it could unhinge when he opens it and create a flip-top head. But Hutch was just the sweetest thing when we took him out today. He wasn't even hyper happy. Just plain happy-happy. This just goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover. I hope somebody takes him home.

And don't forget - the shelter has small animals too - like this bunny! Someone dropped off some gerbils tonight, so there may be some gerbils up for adoption soon. Seriously, people. If you can't manage to take care of a gerbil for its tiny little life span and instead take it to an animal shelter that euthanizes... I don't even know what to say about that, other than I don't think I like you.

{houdini the bunny}

Other shelter items to note from the night:
  • I found a little girl puppy that looks exactly like my friend Meghan's dog, Elvis! She's super cute!
  • I saw the tiniest puppy I have ever seen in my life. It didn't even look real. I hope they don't confuse it with those gerbils that came in.
  • There was a dog there that hadn't eaten in a really long time. They are trying to take care of her and nurse her back to health, but it's just so sad to see how some people treat animals.


  1. Wow, love this post. I love the new pictures, but i have to be honest, I HATE it when they put necklaces on the dogs. Really? Necklaces. They aren't old ladies at the nursing home. A nice bandana, sure, but a necklace. No. I feel bad even saying it out loud, but I have been thinking it, so in the spirit of full disclosure, beautiful pics ditch the necklaces. Also, when I saw Lori I immediately thought - LAME. Why do people name dogs people names. STUPID, your own dog's name is Eva. Oops. Somehow Lori just doesn't seem right? Weird right? I cannot believe Chico is still there. How is this possible? I would snatch him up. Side note: Eva peed on the bed again tonight. If she isn't careful Greg may be over there with her in a box. I will kill him immediately after, but I am not saying he won't try!