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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tonight's Dinner. A Comedy of Errors.

I've decided to start cooking more. Last week I made fantastic chili (if I do say so myself). Tonight I was making meatloaf, smashed cauliflower and steamed rutabaga, carrots and broccoli. I started off chopping up the vegetables (rutabaga is so damn hard to cut!). Midway through, my sleeve started to slip down my arm. I pushed it back up...with the knife still in my other hand:

(how many of you have sliced near your elbow while chopping vegetables?)

(the culprits)

One cleaned knife later, and after the veggies were chopped, I cut up the cauliflower and put it in a pot with chicken broth. Then I started on the meatloaf...when I realized I didn't have an egg. I walked away from the food to google "egg substitute for meatloaf" (mayonnaise, if you ever need to know). While I was researching this, I heard, "slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp." I didn't really think much about it - after all, there are two pet water bowls in the kitchen. Then I turned around and Buster Cat Nixon was ON THE COUNTER SLURPING THE CHICKEN BROTH OUT OF THE POT OF CAULIFLOWER!!! I had to call Christopher and ask him to pick up some more cauliflower and chicken broth on his way home from work.

(bye, bye, kitty cauliflower)

I was a bit torn. While I didn't want to reward the bad cat, I figured I might as well do something useful with the chicken broth. Buster couldn't get enough of it. I had to push him away so Tuesday and Leroy could get some too.

(darn cat)

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