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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Did You Really Just Wait In That Line?

Today was one of those days where I went to work, pulled into the parking deck, and thought “Oh crap. Did I just come in to work on a Saturday???” This happens several times a year. To be more specific, it happens on every federal holiday that we do not get to take off; we share a parking deck with the courthouse.

Happy Veterans Day to all the veterans out there!

On these federal holidays, you usually still have to either swipe your card or take a ticket to get in the deck, but there is nobody taking tickets on the way out – so you don’t have to pay…so the gates are up. There are two gates one for “card holders” and one for “tickets.”

Well today the ticket gate was up, but for some reason, the card holder gate was still down. When I left work, there was a long line of at least five or six cars – all swiping their cards to raise the gate and leave the parking deck. Uhm…hello! There is the other gate – wide open, and not a single car going through!

I’m sure I got a dirty look or two when I drove past everyone and out the deck, but come on! Open gate – right there. Don’t hate because you weren’t paying attention. What are you waiting for? It looked like a scene that should be on one of those “page-a-day” calendars.

Okay, Liberty Plaza Deck People – be honest: did you wait in a line to swipe your card, or did you slip out the open side? I know Kendra didn’t wait to swipe her card! She doesn’t mess around waiting in lines. Who else?


  1. crap, i swiped. i my defense, i turn right, so i always go out the right side. dang. i feel dumb!

  2. I'm just now seeing this and I can't remember!! Although you are right about waiting, I have passed plenty of cars that were waiting in the pay lane!!!

  3. Ginger where's the latest entry. Your home buying is getting in the way of my reading pleasure!