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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Pumpkin Party

Okay, before I go full-force into Christmas, I do need to share some more Pumpkin/Halloween fun.

Last weekend Christopher and I went to our friends’ Ouida and Greg’s pumpkin party. It’s a tradition for them, and this was our first year joining! (We even got our OWN POST on Ouida’s blog! How cool is that?) The whole point of the party is to carve pumpkins. Christopher wasn’t planning on carving a pumpkin, but Ouida laid down the law. As you can see in the picture below, he carved one.

It was super fun and Ouida took some great pictures!

(Ouida affixed that sign Christopher is holding to her ginormous inflatable pumpkin man. It was an attempt for me to make friends with inflatable yard art. It was a good effort, but...)

Aren’t the pumpkins great? They were great for a few days after carving…and then... Well it started out with some shriveled edges, and a couple days later I noticed some bugs. Less than a week after the Pumpkin Party, we decided they should go live out in the woods where little critters could nibble on them.

On the way out of the apartment to see some friends, we picked up the pumpkins. I picked up Christopher’s, and he picked up mine…Whoa! Pumpkin guts just started POURING out of the bottom of my pumpkin (which Christopher was holding). I was shocked there was even that much pumpkin to pour out. It was a little gross and a little humorous. The pumpkins got thrown in the trash, and there is still a pumpkin gut stain on the ground outside our apartment.

(Now, this is an excellent illustration why outdoor carpet is a bad idea. Our pumpkin gut stain is the three splotches in the center, but you can also see other layers of stains mixed in.)

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time and I am glad to see that Christopher did carve a pumpkin!

    And tell your friend Ouida that I have officially added her to my google reader and enjoy her blog posts! ;-)

    Looking forward to your Christmas posts! I LOVE Christmas! But I believe I will leave my fall decorations up for a little while longer before I pull out my Christmas decorations!