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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Four Hungry Mice

Buster has four special toys. They are his loofa mice, and he loves them dearly. He loves them so much that he feeds them on a semi-regular basis. You don’t believe me? Take a look:

He gets into patterns; sometimes I come home daily to find mice in his food bowl, and sometimes I will go a week and not even see one in the kitchen. He doesn’t really show a preference to any of them. They each get some rotation in the food bowl.

I thought this was super cute and wanted to get a picture of all mice together. As soon as I removed them from the bowl, Buster was right there. He had to check out exactly what I was doing, and he wasn’t crazy about me kidnapping his babies. Take a look at what happened when I was taking pictures:

So, in the end, he got his mice back. Of course.


  1. My little Buster - get your mice big boy!!

  2. this cat has to be a recycled person. cats are not suppposed to have this much personality! he really is a character.

  3. Pink mouse was in the bowl this morning, with the blue mouse standing by...

  4. Ginger! I love this! Animals can comprehend so much and are sooooo smart. Great great photos! Cindymom

  5. AND I love the video...they are really talented....and funny! Cindymom