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Friday, January 29, 2010

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Jimmy John's!!!

Lindsey and I went to Downtown Thai for lunch today (yum). On the way back to the office, there was an interesting man holding on to a dog that didn’t want to be restrained. We weren’t sure we cared for what was going on, but then we realized that the man was just trying to hold the dog back from two other dogs at the bottom of the hill. At the bottom of the hill there was a man with two dogs. I couldn’t really tell what kind of dogs they were because 1) they were wearing coats, and 2) they were wearing muzzles. There were quite a few other people standing by watching this older man hold this one dog back. It was rather strange. After a minute or so, the man lost his hold on the dog, and the dog went running toward the other two, muzzled dogs with coats. Nobody was sure what was going to happen, and a couple people at the top of the hill started yelling to watch out.

First thought: here’s this responsible guy with his dogs on leashes and this other dog is going to attack them.

Lindsey and I watched as growling, barking, and snarling ensued. It was actually the two dogs on the leashes that were doing the snarling and growling, while the other dog hopped around sniffing and trying to play. So what did the guy with the other dogs do? Walk away? Nope. He started kicking the other dog. Lindsey and I just stood there frozen. It was like it wasn’t real. All he had to do was go away, yet he just stood there. The other dog was a little startled, but he was torn – he really wanted to play with these two dogs…but he had just been kicked several times.

The stray-ish (he was wearing a collar, but didn’t seem to have tags) dog went in to play again. And the man started kicking again. That’s when, out of nowhere, the Jimmy John’s delivery guy swooped in…almost like Super Man, riding his bike to the rescue! He rode between the stupid kicking guy, and the third dog. The dog was just wagging his tail and the Jimmy John’s guy slid off his bike and took the dog’s collar. He petted him, and talked to him, and the dog was fine.

NOW, do you think the other guy walked away with his hateful dogs? Nooooooooo. He just stood there – like he was trying to make a point or something. Luckily the Jimmy John’s guy held on to the dog until the other guy FINALLY walked away.

The people at the top of the hill had called animal control… Another guy walked down the hill to hold the dog until Animal Control got there so that Super Man…errr – the Jimmy John’s guy could go back to delivering freaky good sandwiches, freaky fast. This second guy took his belt off and attached it to his collar as a makeshift leash. Very crafty, Second Guy!

I do like:

  • The Jimmy John’s guy
  • Jimmy John’s
  • The guy with the belt
  • The old man who tried to hold the dog back
  • The dog who wanted to play
  • Maaaaybe even the people who called Animal Control…maybe

I do not like:

  • The guy with the two dogs
  • The guy’s two dogs

This post is getting quite long, so I will come back for Part II, where we all start a campaign to make Ouida eat Jimmy John’s again.

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  1. Don't waste your time, but I do hate that I missed this outing. I ate Quizno's at my desk. Their soup is so good!!