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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Part II

In continuation of my previous post, “It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s Jimmy Johns!!!” I would like to address Ouida’s boycott of Jimmy John’s.

Two weeks ago, Ouida, Kendra, Lindsey and I went to Jimmy John’s for lunch. I got my favorite: #2 with hot peppers on the side.

Ouida felt a little funny at lunch. Later that night she was violently ill. She blamed it on the Jimmy John’s. She thought it was food poisoning, but Jimmy John’s would NEVER, EVER do that! They are too good. I would like to submit the following into evidence against food poisoning:

  • You don't get food poisoning AS you are eating.
  • Ouida took Avery to school the next day, and Avery’s teachers said there was a stomach bug going around.
  • Jaclyn also got that stomach bug the same day…and she didn’t go to JJ’s with us.
  • The next night, Ouida’s husband was violently ill.
  • Jimmy John’s just wouldn’t do that! They give free smells. They take super plain items and magically transform them into supreme deliciousness. THEY SAVE PUPPIES!

She was clearly virus sick, not food poisoning sick. Would everyone PLEASE leave a comment begging Ouida to give JJ’s one more try???


  1. As much as I love Jimmy John's (I wrote a term paper on Zen Jimmy and the Art of Sandwich Making in college!), I am concerned that her bug was so short-lived. Was she still sick when taking Avery to school the next day? If it only lasted the one night, then it was food poisoning. Or if she was already feeling funny at lunch it was from something she ate at breakfast or the night before. But it will take a few hours to hit you, you're right. There's no such thing as a 24-hour "bug" or "flu". If symptoms are limited to a night or day of misery, the food is to blame. Scary, but true. Our first rule in Sanitation classes is just how dangerous our food practices can be...sorry to be a bummer. You can delete my comment if you like : ) But if her symptoms last longer than the one night and given the bug that Jaclyn and her husband got, it could be something else. Sadly, the association with JJ may be hard to break no matter what. I will never, ever eat in a Damon's as long as I live and that was 15 years ago!

  2. Grahr, Jeannette! Way to not follow instructions! Buuut - she WAS still not feeling well when she took Avery to school the next day. Total bug. Total.

    Okay, I'm afraid twice as many people are going to have to leave comments in support of her revisiting JJ's now. Jeannette is like the kid in class that turned the 500 word term paper into a 2,000 work term paper.

  3. Since I am a HUGE fan of Jimmy Johns and not a fan at all for those who don't follow instructions...(Jeanette I'm talking to you) I will give this bit of info...

    Jeanette is probably wrong about the food poisioning. Yes, the 24 hour bug (Gastrointestinal Virus) can be from food poisioning but it can also be caused by a virus and symptoms can last 24-36 hours!

    So in my opinion JJ still ROCKS and the sickness was likely from a bug and not food poisioning.

  4. Yes, totally agree Ginger, Ouida Linkous needs to get over it! Sometimes she thinks she is too cool for school, like showing her elbows at work or wearing scarves with wavy patterns on them, or the smell of my bath bubbles and eating JJ's!! It's sad, really, and only option I think MAY work is simply to trick her on Pilot Mtn., me grabbing Avery and running off to play while you hold her arms and force feed bites of a JJ sandwich with multiple swigs of Dr. Pepper! Dr. Pepper will smooth things over in the only way it can - deliciously. Let me know when, I can drive.

  5. I think we all know the stubborness of the wronged party here, so this plea is probably moot. could you swear off that avocado spread FOREVER? Really, Ouida? Really?!?

  6. ok, i know you are all right, but JJ's came out of my nose food processor style. it was like my stomach was making chewed up JJ's and pushing it violently through my nose holes. i blew my nose and smelled avocado spread. it was so horrible. i know it was a bug, and i think maybe even the noro virus, but once you've seen JJ's ejector seat style with the sandwich being the pilot and your nose being the cockpit you can't go back. you just can't!

  7. As a self-declared expert on these things, I can't understand the debate. Of course Jimmy Johns is the best sandwich place! It's like discussing the various pros and cons of Chocolate. All cons = moot points. All pros = beyond obvious.

    Long live Jimmy Johns and their outstanding #4 (It has sprouts, people. Sprouts! Could we get any more urbane and sophisticated?)

  8. Megan, I just threw up a little in my mouth. Sprouts, ugh. I remember seeing sprouts when I blew my nose!