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Monday, October 18, 2010

An Alternate Sound Barrier

I went to the Nascar race with my parents this past weekend. There’s always a lot of good stuff to share after a race. I could tell you about how my mom, while claiming to be enjoying the race, read a book for at least 250 of the 334 laps. “I’m enjoying it…do I have to watch ALL the laps?” I could explain the parking situation and my proposed solution to fix it, or how funny my mom’s face was when my dad told my mom to “get on the bridge with a group of skinny people – this is the one that collapsed a few years ago.” We could talk about Nascar attire or even the winning driver!

Really, all this stuff would make for an entertaining blog post, but nothing could actually top this:

That’s right. Most people use headphones or earplugs. This guys uses tampons.


  1. I sat there, Ginger, imagining myself lighting a match and holding it under a string. I must be sick.

  2. classic~ ALL of it! sounds like a memorable trip!

  3. tampons really? well, i guess if his wife has an emergency they can brush off the earwax and not have to risk leaving the race early!