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Monday, October 11, 2010


Next up: Roosevelt’s estate, Springwood! This was the home of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was born in this house and continued to live in it after he and Eleanor Roosevelt were married. This is what the house has looked like since 1915:

However, before 1915, the house looked quite different. I had never seen this picture before – or at least I don’t remember seeing it – but this is a painting of what the house looked like before its renovation by FDR and mother, Sarah, in 1915.

(this painting is located in the FDR Library…where you can’t use a flash…blah)

Also located in the Presidential Library is FDR’s car, which was retrofitted for him so he could control the break and gas with his hands…

And lots of stuff from Fala!

The gardens are beautiful!

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt are buried in the garden (along with Fala and Chief (German Sheppard))

There’s a new building at the estate – they sell tickets here and this is where the [totally awesome] gift shop is. They also have rooms for conferences and meetings and such. In the middle of the floor, in the center of the building, there is a really cool mosaic map of the town of Hyde Park.

(and that's just about where my grandmother's house is on the map!)

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