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Friday, December 18, 2009

To Twist Back or Not To Twist Back: A Survey

Our friend Jennifer just posted a question on facebook. She needed a vote - it seems that either she or her husband (and she wouldn't say who) think they should buy their dog this camo fleece hoodie (since he IS a hunting dog and all... albeit one who does not hunt):

CLEARLY, it must be Ed that wanted to buy the hoodie. And I agree with you Ed, you SHOULD get Buddy the hoodie! ;-) But Jennifer's question reminded me that there was something I was supposed to ask you all to vote on as well.

The other day Christopher walked in the bathroom as I was putting on my deodorant and said "It's so weird that you [insert either 'do this' or 'don't do this' here]." My reply was of course "No it's not. It's weird that you [insert the opposite of the previous statement here]."

You see: one of us (and I will not say who, so as to not influence the voting), when applying deodorant removes the cap, twists the deodorant up, applies the deodorant, twists the deodorant down, replaces the cap. Same goes for chap stick: remove cap, twist up, apply, twist down, replace cap. The other one of us just takes the cap off, applies and then replaces the cap.

I am fairly certain that my way is the normal way...but Christopher is, of course, also sure his way is the normal way.

Christopher fairly quickly noted "this seems like a poll for the blog." While, I think the way he applies deodorant and chap stick is ludacris, I like the way he thinks! So let's vote! What do you do??? Vote in the poll above, and while you are at it, leave a comment and let Jennifer know if Buddy should get a camo hoodie! You have until...uhm...let's say 7:00 pm EST on Monday to vote!


  1. I'm right...let's all admit it

  2. i know you are the twister upper/downer. i just know it.

  3. I think that Jenn should buy the hoodie for buddy...

  4. I only do this with chapstick!