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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Farmville Part Deux

The last time we talked about Farmville, I had a modest, cute little farm. As evidenced below, things seem to have run amok since.

(Look at all those animals!)

I want to stop…but I don’t want to stop! I’m a Farmvillaholic.

And I’m certainly not going to stop now – not at Christmas – when they are bringing out all sorts of great Christmas items! Reindeer…clumsy reindeer…Christmas elves…toy soldiers…and this is just the beginning! Imagine all the Christmas stuff they haven’t even released yet!

(Do you see the reindeer there??? Regular and clumsy; the clumsy reindeer have the Christmas lights in their antlers and the red nose.)

Several weeks ago, they came out with an orange tabby cat. You know how I feel about orange tabby cats! You can see a couple of them in the picture below:

(See more Christmas items? The Christmas elf and the toy soldier. When I saw that toy soldier, I really thought it would be a bit smaller. It’s practically as tall as the house, for Pete’s sake! (who’s Pete???))

In my last post, it seems I tempted Amy into playing. And Amy had actually blocked Farmville! She totally loves it now - right, Amy? My next projects are Ouida and Lindsey. Ouida claims she has a kid and doesn’t have time, but I don’t buy it. (Okay – the kid part is true. She does have a kid…but I think she could mange a little crop harvesting here and there.) Lindsey just thinks she is too cool, but I think she is secretly curious. I pulled it up at work the other day to show her the reindeer, and she was asking all sorts of questions, and even wanted to harvest some trees. Girls: are you even the tiniest bit tempted?


  1. As anticipated, I shun you. A lot.

  2. And then there's Megan. She would be a Farmville project, but I can't even get her to join Facebook. Geesh! I do love to talk to her about though! As you can see, she is never amused by Farmville discussion.

  3. Farmville is the best!! Don't worry, Ginger. Megan's going to change her tune when she's forced to join Facebook for grad school. Bwhahaha.

  4. I can't believe I finally make your blog and it's in this context! Just let me pet your cows and harvest a few trees and I'll be satisfied.

  5. I am tempted, curious, and slightly sucked in. However, I just cannot let myself do it. You don't understand my personality. I will be up late at night harvesting, planting, feeding, and then driving to work bleary eyed and delerious. I can't allow myself to even look. No good can come of it. Even my mom is farming. What the what?????

  6. ginger i was just showing greg your farm. two things: 1. that toy soldier is totally a holiday inflatable 2. i didn't know you had a garden gnome. I heart him!

  7. 1. It's can't be an inflatable...because I would never own an inflatable. 2. Garden gnome = Christmas elf :-)