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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Biltmore at Christmas

Christopher and I decorated our front yard! Doesn't it look nice? Ha! Right - we went to Biltmore to see the house decorated for Christmas and it was wonderful! Of course we went on the one day it decided to snow here in Winston, but it was still totally worth it. When we got to Biltmore, the first place we went was to the barn. It was pretty awesome because it was rainy and nasty outside so I didn't have anyone to contend with when it came to the animals. They were all mine!

(softest goats ever!)

(pretty curls)

(is that not the sweetest face you have seen all week?)

(i'm a total sheep whisperer here)

I heard the lady working in the barn tell someone that one of the sheep really like to have it's feet rubbed between the hoof and dewclaw. Oh really? I'll try! Christopher saw her showing someone else and said it was really cute. There were three sheep. I tried the first one...

(what are you doing to my foot?)

It clearly wasn't that one. On to the next...

(it's not me, yo! this feels weird!)

And then this precious, little sheep came up and put her hoof up on my leg!

(it's me! it's me!)

(look at this! it's like we're holding hands!)

After the barn, we went to the house. It was so beautiful! So, SO beautiful! I know a lot of people say, "a house like this is too big! Who needs all this?" But I call those people house quitters. I would totally live there. The first two people I would hire would be my "Pet GPS Monitor" (think NORAD command center for pets) and my "Christmas Tree Putter Upper." What's that you say? Why don't I put my own trees up? There were, if I heard correctly, 52 trees in that house. 52!!!

I would love to share some pics of the inside of the house with you, but we, unlike a bunch of other people I saw, followed directions and did not take pictures...or video. I'm not kidding - people were taking video.

We went to the shops after the tour and it turns out Biltmore is now brewing some of their own beer! Pretty cool, huh? Christopher wanted to buy some of the pale ale, but they were out in the gift shop at the house. We ended up going to the wine gift shop and tasting area, which was pretty cool. We hadn't been there before. We tried some new wines and bought Christopher's beer...and some new wines! ;-) It was a pretty spectacular Saturday.


  1. So first off... I'm thinking this must have been a scheduled post seeing as it was posted before 10 am on a SATURDAY!!

    Either way that picture from the front of the house was beautiful! I'm glad you guys had fun!!!

  2. You crack me up, A! (Yes, I scheduled it last night...)