It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Christopher and I went to the zoo a couple weekends ago. It was a little chilly, but really fun - and it was JUST warm enough for all the animals to come out! (That's the most important part.)

(pretty ducks)

(what's cuter than a duck butt?)

(this little guy is special like buster cat nixon - he needs eye drops every day!)

(the polar bear totally was not into visiting with us)

(i once was a wolfpack of one...)

(i really wanted to make a animal that totally loved me. i thought it would be something cute, cuddly and a mammal...perhaps a big cat. it turned out to be this humming bird. he was totally into me.)


(the flamingos were awesome...and squawky)

(another bird almost pooped on me when christopher was taking this picture)


(this is some sort of pigeon! a pigeon!)

(this lemur stretches like buster)

(they were playing - the big one totally pushed the little one off the tree)


(an actual banana tree - how neat!)

(i think this guy might have been my favorite)

(i just want to squeeze him!)

(at one point, i'm pretty sure he tried to cough up a fur ball. do lions do that?)

(so pretty)


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