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Friday, December 10, 2010

Shelter WIN!

I’ve been volunteering at the shelter for about six months now. You may remember that it didn’t start out so well…but luckily it got much better! I’ve been feeling a little frustrated because it’s seriously sad there sometimes – about three fourths of those animals get put to sleep. I really wanted to do something a little more than just clean poop; I thought I might be able to help with some sort of copywriting or social media – something that would go beyond my couple hours a week at the shelter. Nobody there really seems interested…

About a week ago I was leaving work and saw a guy walking his dog up the street. I thought, “I work with him…no…no, I don’t work with him…hmmm…how do I know him?” I made my turn and was sitting at a red light when he came walking further up the street…I looked again…and then down at the dog, and it hit me! He adopted that dog from the shelter while I was there one night! And I brought him the dog! I was so excited – it completely made my night. You never know what happens to those animals once they are adopted (I’m telling you, Forsyth County Animal Control – let me write some success stories!), and it was just so cool to see a happy person/pet combo walking down the street!

But wait! There’s more! I got in the elevator this evening to go home and that guy was standing in the elevator!!! I almost immediately blurted out, “YOU ADOPTED THE DOG!” but I thought that might seem weird. As I was stepping off the elevator trying to think of a better way to word my thoughts, I heard him say, “do you volunteer down at the animal shelter?” Haha! He actually works a couple floors above me for one of our sister companies. How cool is that? I talked to him for a couple minutes (in my excitement, I kind of forgot to introduce myself or catch his name), and he totally likes his dog and even called the dog a “perfect fit” for him!

Yay! Shelter WIN!


  1. Ginger I am so proud of you. I bet he would let you take a picture of him and his puppy for your success story sample!!

  2. I'm with Ouida you should just write a sample story and let them see how helpful you could be.

  3. Yay for shelter animals! Jake is our success story : )