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Friday, September 11, 2009

Dynasty Furniture Has A Lot More Than Just Furniture!

I had the most pleasant surprise yesterday at lunch. JB and I went to this furniture store she found online. She called me in her office, showed me the website, and asked if I wanted to go. It was part furniture store, part antique store, and part cat/animal rescue! Uhm – yeah, I wanna go!!!

It’s called Dynasty Furniture, and it’s on Peters Creek Parkway. I have to be honest with you, they may have nice furniture, but I wouldn’t know. I kept my eyes peeled for kitties the whole time we were walking through the store.

When we got to the back of the store, I spotted them. If you aren’t looking for them, you may miss them all-together. The lovely people at Dynasty Furniture are foster parents for AARF Winston! They have done such a great job creating a home for these cats until they can be adopted. They have also done a really good job at keeping the cats far from any furniture. I, personally, don’t get it, but lots of people don’t like cats and probably wouldn’t want to buy anything a cat touched. Fear not: the furniture is cat free.

These cats have a whole section to roam; they even have their VERY OWN TV!!! The TV plays videos of gerbils and butterflies and other little nature things that would catch a cat’s eye. Everything was clean and there were even air filters!

The cats were all super friendly, but I fell in love with this one fluffy yellow cat. I want him. And his brother. (You can see him in the second picture down on the left here.) If you are ever sitting around one weekend and have nothing to do, you should definitely take a trip over to Dynasty Furniture. The cats alone are worth it, and while I completely ignored the furniture, I did notice some of the antiques on the way out. There are definitely a wide variety of interesting items! I will spend a little more time looking next time I go. 

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  1. Ginger should have been a vet, or a petting zoo owner, or a farmer, or a saint. You are so sweet!