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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Put on 4 My City

I just HAD to carve out a little time this morning to get this posted. It could not wait until this evening. Today I pulled into the parking deck, and this car turned in the deck in front of me. The picture below doesn’t do it justice. I mean – it was lifted so high, I think the entire front end of the X-Terra would have gone under it. And I know you can’t make it out from the picture, but that’s a city skyline decal on the side. Not the Winston Salem skyline, mind you, but a skyline nonetheless. Above the skyline, was the line “Put on 4 My City” (like the Young Jeezy song). The font? Papyrus, I believe. OH! And the sound. How would I describe the sound? Uhm…monster truck. Definitely monster truck.

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