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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Healthy Kitty

We went to Raleigh yesterday for the NC State game AND to take Buster Cat Nixon to the vet for his yearly exam. I know we have been in Winston for over a year and have had plenty of time to find a veterinarian…and I actually have found a veterinarian; I just like our vet in Raleigh so much, that I’m kind of bummed about having to switch.

I was thinking that JUST MAYBE he would behave himself a little better since it had been a whole year since he was last there. I was wrong. We had to do the usual “turn the carrier on its side” to get him out. At this point I foolishly still had hope. Then the vet tech came in and my hopes were dashed. We always have the same one, and she is so nice. The minute he saw her, he hissed. Terrible. Things just went downhill from there.

Jennifer (vet tech) had to check him for internal parasites. For those with animals, you know – they take a sample…from an unpleasant place. Well – Buster Cat Nixon was NOT having any of this. She couldn’t get anything – he just wouldn’t let her. His eyes were the size of saucers, and I could see every tooth in his mouth. We let it go (for the moment).

Dr. Price came in and checked his eyes…he still needs the drops (blast!), gave him his distemper vaccine, checked his teeth, and then actually got that elusive sample. He hissed the whole way through each procedure, but he’s clear for internal parasites and vaccinated. They are so nice to him there, and I hope they don’t hate to see him coming because he is so hateful (he has never tried to bite anyone, thank goodness). I also hope they don’t think I am terrible cat mom. I can’t help but laugh at him. The fuss he makes is sad, pathetic, and terribly funny all at the same time. Since it’s not so sad, that I would actually cry for him, the only visible emotion is humor. I’m not even sure why I find it humorous. I’m not even sure it’s technically funny…it’s just that he is not typically like that. He’s normally so sweet. The more I think about it…I may be a bad cat mom. Geeze. If I was at the doctor and had someone laughing at me while someone was trying to poke my bum, I would smack them. Poor Bust-man. :-(

We dropped Buster off at the house after the vet and headed out to the game. We even saw Dr. Price at the game! It turns out her seats are just a section over and a few rows down from us. State played Gardner Web, and won – woohoo!

(Here's a pic of Buster after one of his first trips to the vet. You can see how his ear fur is kind of greasy from his eat mite medicine. Eeeew.)


  1. Jake is no better. My normally charming kitty goes into full panic mode the minute we get the carrier out of the closet. Our last vet visit was particularly entertaining as well. He cried all the way over (a mere 15 minute car ride) and then got sick all over the carrier just as we waited to check in at the vet's office. I got him in the exam room and attempted to clean out his carrier and blanket. And wouldn't you know....he acted like everything was cool. He sniffed and climbed on everything and even charmed the vet tech until she went for the internal parasite exam, too! Then he cried pitifully and gave me those moaning sounds and wide eyes that make you feel like the worst "mom" ever. He made it through the exam, but on our way out he managed to make yet another mess in his carrier (this time from the other end!) and I had to clean it up in the parking lot with a random napkin and plastic bag I had in the backseat. I got home and called Jason to tell him I may be ready for children now. Carsick...check. Throw up...check. Blow out...check. Making me feel like the worst "mom" ever...check.

    Glad to know I'm not alone! Hope Buster is doing better now!

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  3. If it makes you feel better, our vet prefers that I no longer drop Daisy off and pick her up later....usually for their appointments I would drop them off on the way to work and pick them up on the way home. They would do their appointments sometime during the day. The last time Daisy was on this schedule I arrived to pick her up to find 3 vet techs w/ big eyes and one of them said "is she always like this???" I said "what do you mean?"...she leaned over and just touched the carrier w/ Daisy in it and I heard a growling sound. Also, she had an accident and they said "we're sorry, we don't normally send pets home like this, but she won't let us near her..." Yes, that's right, Daisy had pooed herself and proceeded to get all in it. Lovely. When I got her home, I gave her a bath while she carried on and on and on. I told her "we can do this with your head above water, or below, but we are doing this..." She is pyschotic....pees on the wall when she is mad, tries to attack the hound dog, etc...but she can also be the sweetest cat in the world when she wants to be. Go figure. Ally is the exact opposite...go w/ the flow, very cuddly, is really more like a very friendly dog stuck in a cat's body. Ed says if all cats where like Ally they would cost $200 :)

  4. Aaaah - love the stories, guys! Makes me feel better! :-)

  5. He looks like the joker in the greasy pic. Awesome. Yeah kitty!