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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pets In Clothes: Yay or Nay?

Is it wrong to dress pets in clothes and costumes? Christopher and I have differing opinions on this topic. He says no way, no how. I say…if the article of clothing in question is a good price…and it will make me laugh, then sure! Why not? For instance, I found this penguin hat at Petco after Christmas for $1. That’s right – ONE DOLLAR! How could I not purchase?

(Buster Cat Nixon did not like it - I think you can see that. I laughed. Hard. Good value.)

Target sells doggie t-shirts (that just happen to fit cats) for $4.99. That sounds like a good price to me. Buster got this stylish T last Halloween.

(He tolerated it very well.)

Christmas came a couple shorts months later!

(Also tolerated very well.)

So – this brings me to part II. Target has pet Halloween costumes. The costumes are $9.99. Normally, that would be too much for pet clothing, but this is an entire costume!!! It would be hilarious to dress a cat as a squirrel!

(That’s nuts! HAHAHAHAHAHA)

(Or a banana…)

(Kitty lobster? I mean - that would be funny, right???)

What do you think?


  1. yes, yes, and again yes. i love clothing on pets. love, love, love. quite like chritopher, greg hates, hates, hates.

    my conclusion? men are idiots.

    buy the costume. we will laugh. at the pets and the men.

  2. I think it is A-OK to dress up cats in costumes and I would vote for the squirrel since Buster Cat has such a fluffy tail already!

  3. And better yet.... Christopher can dress up as a nut!!!!

  4. First timer here, I think it's hilarious as well. When I was just a young thing, I bought boots for my dog because our yard was one big mud pit. The boots were a bust, but I never laughed so hard! Loved the squirrel on cat costume.

  5. Patty: pets in shoes = funny! I love it!