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Monday, September 28, 2009

Sticky and Susie

It constantly amazes me how cruel people can be. There are awful stories on the news every day, but some of the ones that break my heart the most are stories about abused animals. I came across this story this afternoon about a guy who, for no reason, duct taped a cat from neck to tail and threw it in his neighbor’s yard. “Sticky” the cat is going to be okay.

Or what about this story that was on the news last night. Susie the dog was burnt and abandoned in a park in Greensboro. The Guilford County Animal Shelter rescued her. She’s going to be okay, but she’s still waiting to find a home.

The amazing thing: these animals want to be loved just as much now as before they were abused. The video of Susie shows her playing, licking faces, and wagging her tail.

And what a touching piece of Suzie’s story – the foster family’s neighbor, Nate Deardorff, a boy who couldn’t be more than…12? 14? spends a couple hours each day playing with Suzie, and spent his allowance to buy her toys! Twelve year-olds don’t have a lot of money, and dog toys aren’t cheap. What a wonderful person!

These stories break my heart, but thank goodness for the people and organizations that come to the rescue in these situations. For as cruel as some people are, others are equally as kind.

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