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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Harvesting Crops

I think I may have accidentally become addicted to Farmville…oops.

It started out just as “research.” And I kept seeing my friend Tina’s “lonely cows” and “lost ugly ducklings.” They were so darn cute, and you know me; I'm all over an animal that needs a home (even if they are virtual animals). I needed to know more, so I emailed Tina. She warned that it was oddly addicting, but I thought, “eh – I’m going to adopt these cute little animals, see what all the fuss is about, and then be done.” As it turns out, Tina was right: oddly addicting.

I have expanded my farm twice since I started and I just bought a barn the other night. It’s pretty cool. Check it out:

(You can see all my crops. That’s me there in the middle. And MY ANIMALS! Aren’t they great?)

A few embarrassing points to mention. Mind you, I wouldn’t normally mention these, but I know if I don’t just come clean, I will have at least four people calling me out in the comments section.

  1. I have now actually friended people I don’t know in order to get more neighbors – so I can expand my farm. Ouida “facebook introduced” me to a couple of her friends (hey LC!) who play. BUT she says I will meet them at her pumpkin party, so I don’t feel so bad.
  2. Apparently I came down a little hard on my coworker, Jim, the other day (sorry, Jim!), for wasting his money on a German flag for his farm. In my defense, the Farmville dollars are hard to come by! You can’t just go spending them on FLAGS!
  3. “time to money ratio” you would just get bored with the explanation, but Ouida said I had to mention it in the blog.
So there you have it – my dirty little secret. Worse than DVRing soap operas or knitting boots for my cat (okay, maybe not worse than knitting cat boots) (and I do neither of those things, by the way). Anyway…if I have inspired any of you to play – MAKE ME YOUR NEIGHBOR! ;-) (It really is a fun little game!)


  1. I am so proud of you Ginger. Admitting you have a problem is the first step. Also, time to money ratio merits explanation. It is a reflection of not how much time this takes, it's not about the time, it's the attention to detail and thought that impresses me. You sounded like you should be on CNN breaking down some policy that none of us could understand and someone with an opposing view should start contradicting you any second. You are HARD CORE. For God's sake, just the phrase Time to Money Ratio is impressive!

  2. also, you didn't just scold jim, you eye rolled him so hard it hurt me!