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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The [Not] Silver Mirror

I had this image in my head of a silver mirror I wanted over the fireplace. I've never seen one like it, so I'm not particularly sure it even exists, but I knew I wanted it. I looked in...ooooh...A LOT of different stores. Nothing even close. Finally, Pottery Barn came to the rescue (they usually don't let me down). They had a mirror that was very similar to what I was looking for. But...what's that? It's $500??? Man! And that's BEFORE the delivery surcharge, shipping and tax? Blast! Just doesn't seem practical. ( practical the right word? Or would the term be "in the budget"? Practical for the budget?)

I looked some more.


Finally, I was in Home Goods, and saw a nice big mirror for $40. I thought "Why can't I just like that mirror?" And then I thought "I bet I can make that mirror silver."

I went to Michael's and bought a few different "silver leafing" products, came home, and got to work. I didn't want pure silver, but more of a mercury glass / silver leaf look. I think it came out pretty good! (I had to do it twice, because the "high gloss" sealant that I put over it did the opposite of what you would expect from something labeled "high gloss." It made it quite matte looking. Blah.) In addition to coming out pretty good, it came out under $500! More like $80. Nice!


You might also notice there are mystery lines on the mirror. Either mystery lines, or the wall opposite the mirror is a cinder block wall. The wall isn't made of cinder blocks, but the lines are a mystery...a sort-of mystery. Those lines were where I had taped paper over the mirror, but the tape wasn't ON the was on the paper. Additionally, you can't see even a hint of those lines when you are just looking at the mirror. It's only through the camera. Why? I don't understand? Does anyone else know?

(Boo brought those flowers home for me the other day. Wasn't that sweet? They look so pretty there!)


  1. This is great and all, but won't it look odd below the moose head?

  2. Ha! Are you getting me this moose head?

  3. ok, the lines are freaking me out! have you angered the right angle gods?

  4. Ha! Right angle gods. Funny! I don't understand it. It's bizarre.