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Thursday, March 25, 2010


A week or so ago, Jeanette wrote a letter on her blog describing how awesome the Yoplait red velvet cake yogurt is. Red velvet cake yogurt??? Say what??? I like yogurt…I like red velvet cake… When we went grocery shopping last week, I picked some up. It tasted JUST LIKE….pink yogurt. Sorry, Jeanette…I didn’t get it.

Here’s the thing: it would have been good if it was called…I dunno – pink yogurt. But Yoplait is NEVER going to duplicate the taste of, say, red velvet cake or cheesecake in a little plastic cup for 110 calories or less. It’s just not going to happen. Yogurt is yogurt. You can make it taste fruity, but you are never going to make it taste like a baked good or pastry; I’m pretty sure Yoplait is setting people up for disappointment when they describe it as such.

If I open a yogurt, a strawberry yogurt, I pretty much anticipate yogurt…with some strawberry. If I open a strawberry cheesecake yogurt…my expectations are a little higher. But it’s still going to taste like a strawberry yogurt…maybe with a slight tang. And I am going to be disappointed. White chocolate raspberry? Raspberry. Apple turnover? Apple. Chocolate cake? Vomit, if I remember correctly.

You know what IS good? Trix yogurt: ALSO made by Yoplait, but without the deceptive titles. Y-U-M.

(my fave – the strawberry kiwi and cotton candy!)


  1. Hmm. I like them all so far. Sure, not a pastry or piece of cake, but I'm pregnant, it tastes good, and doesn't make me queasy. So more for me! And it's better than gaining too much weight by eating the real thing : )

  2. Amen. Much like chocolate Special K. Eating a bowl of cereal isn't curbing the chocolate craving Kelloggs. I'd rather have 5 (or 50) Hershey Kisses thank you.

  3. jeanette sounds a bit like a snack quitter. just like your sister in law kendra.