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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Little Bird Watcher

We hung bird feeders off the porch. We did this partly because we like birds...but also because Buster likes birds. In Raleigh he would sit at the window and watch them on the porch all day. Since we now have a super lovely screened in porch, we can let Buster outside. The first time he saw a bird at the bird feeder, he was inside, and went FLYING out the back door and flew up on the railing. I'm surprised he didn't go right trough the screen. Of course the bird took off before his feet ever touched the railing. This happened several times.

I was in the kitchen Sunday evening and I looked out the back door and saw him crouched down on the floor. I looked up at the bird feeder, and there was a little bird eating! Buster just sat there the whole time and watched as the bird ate. In fact, the bird only left when I tested my luck and walked out on the porch for a better picture. I think he has learned that if he jumps, they leave. He's becoming quite the little bird watcher!

(even though he's in "pounce" stance, he never once jumped!)

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