It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Monday, April 5, 2010


We went up to Jonesville to have dinner with Christopher's family on Saturday. They grilled steaks and baked potatoes, and had salad, garlic toast, and some really good desserts (as always). On Sunday, my parents and Keith and Bethany came over for dinner. Yup! I cooked[ish] an Easter dinner! Bethany and Keith brought these really good lemon cookies and AWESOME purple mashed potatoes. I never had purple potatoes, but I plan on making a trip to Whole Foods very soon to get some! My mom brought fruit salad and my dad made my grandma's apple pie. Yum. Everything was really great, and we had a really good time.

Christopher got me the nicest Easter Basket this year! There was, of course, my fave - Twix, and a bunch of other yummy candy, but he also got me these alabaster eggs from Williams-Sonoma. I wanted them last year, but they sold out while I waited for them to go on sale.

Aaaaand...this really pretty dishtowel from Anthropologie.

(Isn't he nice?)

My mom (for probably the fifth or sixth year in a row now) INSISTED that she was not making us Easter baskets. I reluctantly conceded this year and agreed to spend Easter with her anyway. We didn't get candy Easter baskets, but she did bring a flower arrangement in an Easter basket, which I think counts.


My parents also brought us a house warming gift, but I don't have a picture of that yet, so it will have to wait to get on the blog. ;-)


  1. Much like a Vampire Weekend concert, purple potatoes rock.

  2. I bet Vampire Weekend eats purple potatoes for dinner. They are that cool.

  3. They DO eat purple potatoes. We ate dinner with members of the band, remember?

  4. Ah, yes, of course! Silly me.

  5. umm, what was the housewarming present, and what the eff are purple potatoes? I always cringe when typing potatoes and think of Dan Quayle. ugh! if I spelled it wrong, i copied Ginger!!

  6. Purple potatoes (and yes, I spelled it correctly) are just that: purple potatoes (did you click on the link?). They are super tasty! You should try them, Bethany mashed hers with a little milk, a little butter substitute, and some salt. They were still thick - not "creamy." Also -she sprinkles coarse ground salt on a lot of her side/vegetable dishes. It adds flavor AND it looks really pretty!