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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Biltmore Estate

Christopher and I stayed in Asheville after the Vampire Weekend concert and went to the Biltmore Estate! I had never been before, and Christopher hadn't been in so long, he didn't even remember any of it.

It was awesome! I know this sounds a little ridiculous, but when we first got there, my first thought was "huh - I thought it would be bigger..." I think it's that there are so many fewer windows on the left side (when you are looking at it) that it makes the left side seem small. The right side seemed sufficiently large. Like one of those optical illusions or something - "which line is bigger?" - when they are actually the same size.

Anyway, we liked it so much we upgraded our tickets to season passes. Here are some pics!

(magnolia tree)


(I think we startled this looked kind of scared)

(Christopher went to a great deal of trouble to get this picture. It came out quite nicely!)

There was a farm. You could pet everything. It was awesome.

(might have been my fave)

(this goat reminded me of the goat in Wicked)


(omgomgomg. so. cute.)


  1. I'm totally jealous. I can't get my "other" to go with me. I love the photos.

  2. Shannon - If it makes you feel any better, I have been trying to get Christopher to take me to the zoo for...uhm...almost since I have known him!

  3. Awesome pics! What kind of camera do you have? (Or are you just a photoshop wizard?!)

  4. these are so good! i am so glad you had a good time. i knew you would! btw, these pictures really are exceptional!!

  5. also, that goat looks like it is in a dangerous little nook. wasn't christopher worried you would get smooshed by those trees?

  6. and i love the scared plant. LOVE!

  7. Jen - Nikon D40 - I love it! (with a little bit of Photoshop) ;-)

    Thanks, Ouida! (like Christopher could keep me from a friendly animal. Ha!)

  8. This was a great reminder of how cool Biltmore is...Joe and I totally need to make a trip down sometime soon (it is only 6 hours from Cincy). My only trip to Biltmore was when I was in elementary school. My mom, dad, Jon, Mom's parents and I all packed in the Ford Tarus and took a day trip. Can you imagine how PACKED we were in that car?

    PS: So are you counting down Christmas for next year already?

  9. Haha! Yup - Christmas countdown is ON!

    You totally need to go back to the Biltmore! I had no idea it was only six hours away - that's awesome!