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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Dash Evaluation -

We went to the opening game of the Winston Salem Dash with friends this evening! There are a few items I wanted share with you...

1. Well - first - the ballpark is absolutely awesome! Beautiful. The parking was easy. The walk wasn't far. I like purple. I can't wait to go to more games. You must go!

2. At the opening of the game, they released white...doves? pigeons? Some of you may know where I am headed with this. I will go PETA on your ass in half the time Ouida can go redneck on someone (and I don't even like PETA!). Doves don't fare well in the wild when they are released. If you insist on releasing birds at your event (and I really don't get why sporting events are "dove worthy"), you are supposed to release white pigeons: they can survive in the wild. Most people don't know this, and release doves. So what was it, Dash? Doves or pigeons? (btw - I am on this. I tweeted and asked. I will keep you updated!)

2b. AND THEN! As if that wasn't enough...fighter jets did a fly-by...OVER THE BIRDS. What the what? Uhm... The poor birds! Imagine their surprise - they are in a nice cage/box one minute - chirping it up with each other, and the next they have a fighter jet coming at them. And hello! Have we forgotten the "miracle on the Hudson" so soon? Yes, yes - let's do send birds towards plane engines.

3. Kernel Kustard is at the ballpark - WIN! And yum. They are still learning how to pour beer, but I really think as the season goes on they will perfect it.

4. We got some hot dogs and some beer, and headed to our seats. We passed some speakers at the entrance. I'm still trying to regain my hearing. This was corporate building fire alarm loud. Dash - you might want to turn the volume down on that one just a smidge.

5. Lanie Pope is teensy tiny!

6. Some of the downtown buildings were lit up purple. LOVE IT! What a great way to support the new team.

7. While we were walking around the stadium, we passed the team closet...eeer - store. I think they had two racks of jerseys in there. It was like they knew they had a stupid name, a non-related mascot, and a NASCAResque logo and people weren't going to buy anything. I see a market for cute Dash clothes... People do want to support the team. Why are there so few options? You can do it, Dash! And if you can't, call me - I have some ideas!

I know I am forgetting stuff...what else, what else??? BT and RA - you are going to have to help me out here! It's late...


  1. Already remembered something! Cool BB&T Stadium directional signs on the sidewalk that look like hamburgers! Love them! (but I don't think they are meant to look like hamburgers.)

  2. *sigh*

    WSDashBaseball @gingerlyn Doves..was pretty sweet

    Yeah...sweet if you like dead birds...

  3. You pretty much nailed it, except for the fact that we were sitting RIGHT NEXT to the fans of the game nominees. So close to jumbotron fame! Maybe next time, I suppose. Oh, and DashTube? We need to know more about that.

    The ballpark is top-notch. Ginger is right, you must go, you'll have a great time...

  4. This sounds awesome Ginger...except for the doves. Here is the contact information you need to get your voice heard. I support you on this one.

  5. Ginger please go forward with the birds. Without you they have no voice, and sometimes, crows eat them too!

  6. Ouida - I thought immediately of your crow story. I just KNEW that those jets were going to pick a bird off, and it was going to be TERRIBLE! I pictured little feathers floating...and tiny bits of dove landing on the field. I just don't know what they were thinking. I need to get my boss from the Bulls to weigh in on this...

    AARON - ARE YOU READING??? Would I have EVER let you, or anyone at the Bulls release doves...and fighter jets...together???

  7. I'm with you on your commentary. I would just add that they need a LOT more beer stands and a lot more training on all fronts. The ticket folks sold us ticket packages that weren't together (and that change throughout the season.) The concession stand people couldn't find hot dog on the register in the 5th inning (really, hot dog??) They couldn't poor a beer without all foam either. Oh, and the scoreboards were never right (and never agree with each other!) I know this is all first night kind of stuff and I'll definitely be a regular, but I was still a little shocked at how unprepared much of the staff were. Oh, and where are the vendors in the stands selling peanuts and cracker jacks? This is a big revenue producer that they're missing out on!

  8. We too LOVED our experience for the most part and will be back for at least 10 more games in our package of season tickets... but.... they RAN OUT OF BEER for a little while... not a fan of the beer running dry and then my husband paying $5.00 for a 12 ounce beer they replaced it with!

    So we were on the lawn for last night's game and I missed the doves! Didn't miss those fighter jets though!

    Can't wait for more Dash games and I'm with you on needing newer designs for clothes and finding out more about Dash Tube!

    We are heading back out tonight so we will see if it is better! :-)

  9. Patrick - oooh! Good call on the stand vendors! Where were they???

    Amy - the doves were whirling under the fighter jets

    DashTube...must investigate!

  10. Looks like plenty of tickets available for the game tonight. Kinda sad to see interest drop off after only one game. The weekends will probably be sold out, but if they don't have high attendance during the week too, they're in trouble. Not having merchandise to sell on opening day is a really bad sign.

  11. Ginger I agree on the noise level. I had to cover my ears like a toddler during the beginning part of the game.

  12. Just a few memories to add to the 1st Dash experience:
    -great opening day! room for improvement in concessions speed/service, but I'm hopeful & appreciate the local favs like KK dogs being available, will they have their popcorn too?
    -parking was great except for the crater in the middle- good spot & save CN
    -mature "trap stamp" we were lucky enough to see during the musical chairs game
    -MJ w/ glove performance, cut off too soon- that kid could dance!
    -umpire/cowboy w/ the moves...who could we hook him up with? since we are sure he's great w/ kids and an all around good catch, right!
    -not quite the fair, but excellent people watching opportunities
    -has the Herd booked dates for the party deck or homerun seats yet? can't wait!
    -a bit concerned about the home plate net, placement seems unsafe
    -oh yeah, and the Chick-fil-a tent took flight, good spot Ginger. hope there were no injuries below
    Looking forward to more games with the super fun Nixon family

  13. Oh, WOW, Ruth Ann! Good ones! I totally forgot about the crater/sink hole in the parking lot. And the "mature tramp stamp" - don't be confused, folks - this was not a tattoo of something mature (like boobies), but rather a tramp stamp on a mature lady. Probably a bit too mature for a tramp stamp.

    I informed LY of the impending set-up. She's in.

    Chick-fil-a tent - totally flew off the balcony...did anyone else see that?!?!?!

    Come on, Purple Herd!!!