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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Cutest Porcupine I Have Ever Seen

Kendra got me the cutest print for Christmas this past year. I had wanted it for quite a while, and I was so excited to get it! The only thing was that it was somewhat of an awkward size – 8” x 7” - and I was going to have to get it framed, rather than just go buy a frame for it. Buuuuut - my wonderful friend offered to let me borrow her mat cutter! Whoa! I was waaay more excited to get this mat cutter than anyone should be. I have several awkward size prints that can now live in standard frames! Total money saver!

Here is the print in its new home! It’s by Sharon Montrose - a super awesome animal photographer.

(in the living room)

(who knew a porcupine could be so darn cute???)

I’m planning to get two more prints to put by the front door. She just released a baby GIRAFFE (which I totally plan on getting) and I got an email saying that she plans to release many more animals over the next couple months. I can't wait to see what she has. Judging from her blog, I have a feeling there might be a flamingo coming soon…


  1. Oh my goodness...why have I not heard of this Etsy shop before now? I can't stand the cuteness. I'm thinking prints for the nursery!

  2. Definitely! Baby animals for a baby nursery! I think it's a brilliant idea.

  3. d*** it, now i want to redecorate my nursery! blerg!

  4. haha! You don't have to redecorate! You could just incorporate!