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Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Fans Of Vampire Weekend!

Christopher and I went to Asheville with friends to see Vampire Weekend! I had never been to Asheville, and I had been wanting to go for a while. So when our friend BT asked if we wanted to go several months ago, I jumped on it pretty quickly...especially for someone who has never even heard of Vampire Weekend. Ha! BT and his wife are pretty cool, and he said some more cool people would be going; I just like to hang out with the cool kids, and I like to go to concerts, so I figured we should go. Additionally, while I will always defend my classic taste in music, I do like to find new bands that I like...especially ones that Christopher might also listen to. (He has such questionable taste in music.)

We got out of work a bit early, and headed to Asheville! Had dinner at Doc Chey's which was pretty awesome. We even had dinner with Ezra, the lead singer of the band! (Okay, so we were eating in the same restaurant at the same time...but it's still kinda cool.)

The concert was pretty awesome. I listened to a couple of their CDs, and liked them, but I like them even more after the concert. In addition to the general coolness of the the concert, there were two things worth mentioning:
  1. We stood next to this guy. Who danced. Like he was having a seizure. He looked like a robot having a seizure. It was pretty intense to watch.
  2. I do not care for Vampire Weekend's "Oxford Comma." It hurts my feelings. I have a great deal of love and respect for the Oxford Comma.

Up next? The Biltmore Estate!!! You didn't think we would go to Asheville without going to the Biltmore Estate, did you???


  1. please explain oxford comma

  2. OMG! The Oxford Comma is freakin' AWESOME!

    Oxford Comma: I ate an apple, fries, and peanut butter sandwich.

    No Oxford Comma: I ate an apple, fries and peanut butter sandwich.

    Say whaaaaa??? You at a fries and peanut butter sandwich??? Gross!

    Unfortunately, the Oxford Comma is becoming less popular, and even the AP Style Guide doesn't use it, which hurts my feelings. People seem to either consider it superfluous, or think it leads to ambiguity. I think leaving it out creates more ambiguity. I could continue, but I don't think anyone wants that.