It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So after I framed the cutest porcupine ever, I started cutting mats for those other awkward-sized prints I had. I bought some frames this past weekend, framed them last night and hung them tonight! (Christopher totally does. not. like to hang pictures. I agreed to try to find alternate groupings other than side by side at the same hight for future projects.)

Lindsey was so wonderful and gave me a book of floral prints. I had been looking for one for a couple weeks, and couldn't find one. She had one and just handed it right over - wasn't that sweet?

And this is another Sharon Montrose print I got from 20x200. I thought it would be easy to frame because it was an 8x10, but they are tricky...the paper is 8x10. Well, the paper is actually 8x9 7/8, but whatever. The image is a bit smaller.


Of course Buster had to investigate while we were hanging.

And one final print. When Kendra gave me the Porcupine, there was a "thank you" note included on this little post card. Yup - framed the post card. Why not?!?!? Tortoise shell. I haven't decided where I am going to hang this one yet.


  1. the matt cutter is in heaven. out from under the bed and cutting like a mad man. this stuff all looks so great and i am so glad you love the cutter and that it is saving you $$$. if you calculate what you would have spent on ready made matts you will be so happy!

  2. Ready made mats? Psh! Not a single one of these items would have fit in a ready made mat. Each one would have had to be framed professionally. Those flower prints - I got those frames on sale at Michaels for $18! Woohoo!!!

  3. Will you be offering a class soon? I'm in need of some major help! I've been struggling- what to hang? where to hang? I think it makes a house become a home & you've got mad decorating skills!

  4. Ha! I always feel so unsure of my decorating skills, so thank you!!!