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Monday, October 12, 2009

Combos: the Underappreciated Snack Food

Seriously – do you know a lot of grocery stores don’t even sell them? They have been relegated to gas stations, and treated like beef jerky or pork rinds. Combos are at least 127 times better than beef jerky or pork rinds (or at least what I would expect either of those two items to taste like). They are better than potato chips, better than cheese and crackers or peanut butter and crackers, and they are CERTAINLY better than beef jerky or pork rinds.

My long-time favorite has always been the Pepperoni Pizza (not to be confused with the Pizzeria Pretzel – the pretzel varieties are not nearly as good). Recently, I was feeling a little crazy and thought I would switch things up a bit and try the Cheddar Cheese Cracker. It was marvelous. I thought I would be somewhat disappointed: because how could it be any better than Pepperoni Pizza? I don’t want to say it was better, but it was awesome.

Combos are like the Hubba Bubba of snack food, only waaaay better. So show them some love the next time you are at the gas station!


  1. Nixon and you are soul mates in combos. He would always eat those things. HA!