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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Teacup Pigs and a Flying Squirrel

Yesterday was a great day for animal stories! While I was getting ready for work, The Today Show had a story about Teacup Pigs! Whoa, really?!? Yes! These pigs have become quite popular in England. Full grown, they weigh around 65 pounds, and are between 12 and 16 inches tall.

The breeder that Ann and Meredith interviewed said they were very loving animals and highly intelligent. They even beat dogs in animal IQ tests!

(I’m pretty sure I want a Teacup Pig.)


Later at work, an email about a Stone Temple Pilots Concert somehow turned into a story about a Flying Squirrel. I’m not quite sure how that transition was made, but this cute little flying squirrel made it into a coworker’s house, and was then chased by their dog, right into a mousetrap! I didn’t have the heart to ask what happened to it in the mousetrap, but it seems to be doing fine now – spending its day in a huge fish tank eating walnuts and peanut butter.

(I think I might want a flying squirrel too…)

We ALSO went to the Dixie Classic Fair last night and visited the petting zoo and animals there. It was awesome. Unfortunately my camera battery died a mere 10 minutes in. But the fair is another story for another post.


  1. ginger i am so sorry i gabbed so long in your cube today and didn't even ask about the fair. where is this flying squirrel and can we go see it at lunch? also, i need a pig. that is exactly why i don't eat pork and I am not kidding. i saw a story on discovery about how smart they are. well, that and charlotte's web.

  2. I can't eat lamb...Lamb Chops... My grandfather got me the puppet for Christmas one year. That was it.

  3. ginger can i tell you that i think you are an amazing person? i love chatting with you! you are so sweet, and interesting, and fabulous, and I am so thankful for you!!!

    thanks for the chat today! i needed it! it had been such a crappy day and you made it better!